duminică, 1 septembrie 2013

Accidents often raise important questions in our lives. They make you wonder...what if I did things differently that day ? What if I hadn't drunk that coffee in the morning, and hadn't stopped to pee, or didn't pull right to talk on the phone?
What if..?
And then you realize that maybe, just MAYBE your life is just a series of events that you can't even control because you don't know where they will eventualy lead you. And then, after you've turned the story around for about 10 to 1 million times, after you played and replayed the accident in your mind one thousand times, you turn those "what if's" into fears. Thoughts you can't control. Monsters you can't fight.
But still, you look to your left, and see him - and he's okay.
So maybe, just MAYBE, everything can be fine in the end, no matter what happens on the road.