sâmbătă, 18 decembrie 2010

I like myself today.

I hate winter.
I hate it because it's cold. And my hands and feet are always frozen.
You used to melt my heart one year ago - you can't do it anymore.

I realized - lately- that it's nice to live for yourself. Trust yourself- and not somebody else.
I also realized that I'm too young to love , to hate, to care.
Yes, I stopped caring, because it doesn't fit me.

I don't feel you inside my bones anymore. Because you're not there anymore. Nobody is.
And I like it like that.
I can have anything I want. Because I'm great.
My self-esteem is high.Because I deserve it.
I don't want somebody else. I don't want anything...anymore.

! Hey ! Listen ! Bif Naked - I love myself today :