duminică, 8 noiembrie 2015

What God means to me

God is that kind voice at the end of the worst day of your life, that says "You're gonna be okay, and tomorrow will be better, I promise".
God is hope, and love, and light, and everything worth having.
God is peace . God is the one that saves you when there is no way out and you look up to the sky and, with your eyes full of tears, with your soul full of pain, you scream at the top of your lungs for help. And He reaches out to you, because He listens.
God is kindness. And warmth.
God is the breeze in a hot burning day, that makes you feel like you can breathe again.
God is the feeling of being reborn at the beggining of spring, when everything comes back to life, and you feel like a new, better, perfected person.
God is every good decision you make, and after the rush or the adrenaline goes off, you ask yourself "Who could have known I can make such intelligent decisions?"
God is the one who looks upon us everytime we hurt ourselves and keeps us from falling apart.
God is the one that gives us only as much sorrow as we can handle, not even a tiny little bit more, because He wants to change us in order for us to become who we really are, not to break us.
God knows that there is something magical inside us [ because He is the one who had put that sparkle of magic there, in our hearts] that grows at the exact same time when our knees hit the ground.
So maybe He pushes us sometimes, but that is only because that's how He brings us on the right path. But I will tell you that He is not:
He's not evil, and He doesn't get furious and strike us like ants.
He's not trying to torture us or burn us alive because "He's mad".
He is good. And he taught us forgiveness, not revenge.
He taught to have hope, not fear.
God is in the soul, not in the church.
I may not be religious, but I am kind. I may not know the Bible by heart, but I know God.
And it turns out, it's better to go right to the source, than to read someone's review about it.