sâmbătă, 19 martie 2011

Ia spune

Ce știi tu?

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  1. stiu sigur ca iubesc bichonii..si stiu si mai sigur ca nu am unul :-l.. si totusi stiu sigur ca acusi voi avea unul:x. si as mai sti...dar chiar vreau suvitele alea stii..:-<
    Te pup:* lov.p.s. maine se deschide si blogul meu ;;) :*

  2. I know the previous comments were useless and unsatisfactory and some may view them as stupid. By "some" do I mean myself? Yes.
    I also know I don't need to know anything beyond a few vital things of everyday life. But thank goodness I'm part of a small category of people who look to know beyond those things.
    I know if you know you're handsome then there's probably something wrong with you in another "department". Also, points for modesty, very nicely done! =>Sarcasm at its best.( Now was that modest? No, but i guarantee it was far less annoying)

  3. stiu ca undeva in trecut am avut o viata mai buna. probabil ca stiam amandoua sa manuim sabii si curtam cavaleri medeivali, si luptam pentru libertate. stiu ca undeva, candva am dus-o mai bine altminteri nu ar mai fi existat in noi nemultumirea fata de vremurile acestea. P.S. cred in reincarnare.