miercuri, 24 iulie 2013


Silence. All around. No whispers, no screams...just silence. And solitude. It's like they float all over the place and I no longer know which is air and which is silence. They bond like soulmates and they create that special combination that blows my mind and breaks my heart.
I'm tired...so tired that I can't even afford to miss you anymore.
You're there and I'm here, miles away from you and it used to hurt in the beggining.. now it's just boring and annoying at the same time, and it pisses me off that your presence erases itself from my home like wind comes and goes on the window.
I'm not a goddamn room and you can't get in and out all the time...I don't want you to! I'm only gonna keep the door open for you the first time you come in, and the first time you go out... Afterwards you'll just hit yourself walking into a wall of bricks, a cold uncaring wall of fuckin' bricks. Don't come crying to me then.
I told you  my heart is there for you only as long as you keep it warm... If it gets cold it turns into stone. And there's nothing I can do about it then.

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