marți, 12 noiembrie 2013

Sometimes you're sad, and you don't know what's wrong. And you keep asking yourself questions about how it should be, or about how you think it should be.
Other times you're just lonely. And your loneliness may come both from your insides and the outside. And it aches. just like everything else, just like any other injury, it aches. But what hurts most is that you know that, in the end, there's only loneliness. that's all that remains.
He will leave. He will finally realize that you're not what he needs, that you're not what he imagined you to be, that you do this and you do that and he doesn't ...quite like it. So he will leave.And, mostly, he will leave YOU...alone.
And everything you've ever wished for falls to pieces when he tells you how much he hates whatever you're doing right in that moment. Because you realize that this cruel loneliness is watching you from the shadow, waiting to catch you between its claws when you'll be alone.
And if he leaves, this is what you will be : alone.

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