sâmbătă, 13 iunie 2009

All you have to do is...

"Love and serve all humanity.
Assist everyone.
Be cheerful,
Be courteous,
Be a dynamo of irrepressible happiness.
There is no Saint without a past,
There is no Sinner without a future.
Praise every soul.
If you cannot praise someone, let them pass out of your life.
Be original,
Be inventive,
Dare, dare and then dare more.
Do not imitate,
Stand on your own ground,
Do not lean on the borrowed staff of others.
Think your own thoughts,
Be yourself,
All perfection and all virtues of the Deity are hidden inside you,
Reveal them.
Let your life be that of a rose,
Though silent it speaks in the language of fragrance.

Mahavatar Babaji

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