miercuri, 25 august 2010

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value." Albert Einstein

Success is accomplishing the thing that you want to accomplish. To most of the human race, success is strictly related to money. And so i wonder - what did Einstein mean when he said "not to become a man of success"? Do not become a rich man? I think so, yes.
Being a man of value is a hard thing. It's complicated to make people think about you as a valuable man - but it's harder to be a successful unvaluable person.
It's always hard to make things right - but it is easier that leaving them as wrong as you made them by a mistake. It's hard to face your conscience. It's the hardest thing on earth.
It's easier to be poor and honest, and loved by the other - "a man of value" - than a man rich, envied, abandoned "successful man".
Just because

Repentance is good but innocence is better.

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  1. Poti sa fii un om bogat si de succes,dar sa ramai la fel de modest si prietenos cu ceilalti,iar ei sa te iubeasca pentru asta. Razvan