joi, 21 aprilie 2011

Eye color.

Eye Color Chart
Eye ColorConnotationMeaning
BlackMystery, Darkness of the Night, Sex, Bewitching, Secretive, WorshipThose who have black eyes are known to be sensual in nature, and very secretive. One of the rare eye colors, people with black eyes are known not to share much about themselves or their lives with others. They also possess the capacity to have psychic powers by using their inner energy.
BrownPertaining to the earth: Creativity, Courage, Fertility, Growth, Energy, EnduranceThose with brown eyes are known to be very grounded, and are not swayed by materialistic desires or tendencies. They are close to nature, and seem to perform best when working in accordance with it. Yet, they are independent and strong.
HazelInner Courage and IndependenceThose with a hazel eye color portray the ability to heal oneself, sensitivity and empathy for others, and are yet exuberant themselves.
GreenGood health, Youth and Innocence, Life-force, Vegetation, FreshnessThe green eye color meaning pertains to the ability to heal. Those with green eyes are spiritual in nature but not necessarily religious. They are vibrant yet compassionate, and are also known to be very creative people.
BlueEnergy of the sky and sun, Direct conscious thoughtThe color blue has often be associated with clairvoyant abilities, and the capacity to see visions of the past and the future. Those with blue eyes are assertive and direct, are full of life but have a keen sense of observation.
GrayWeather, Water, Change, Wisdom, MysteryGray eyes are known to portray a deep inner strength that cannot be affected by any outside force. People with gray eyes are known to be sensitive and profound. They have the ability to manipulate themselves according to the need of their surroundings.

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