luni, 4 iulie 2011

So pissed

Every time i fall in love i keep asking myself how much it is going to last. and guess what, it never lasts. maybe it is my problem, or maybe it is the others problem.
This time went completely wrong - YOU went wrong.

Inca de la inceput am stiut ce mi se intampla , inca de la inceput am fost complet constienta ca tot ce fac e gresit si ca nu are cum sa iasa bine - si bineinteles nu a iesit bine. Nu ma intreb de ce, stiu doar ca tu in viata mea nu aveai ce cauta - stiam asta - si nici acum nu ai ce cauta aici.
A fost atat de gresit si totusi nu puteam sa ma desprind din toata chestia asta - dar acum pot.

You were here for the money - just for the money and, there you go, you had it!
You always told me how she was the problem in your relationship, how she was so wrong and you were so right, how you did everything and she did nothing. Well, guess what, I don't fuckin think so!
I think yoú're the crazy one, you're the wrong one, you are the one who is in desperate need of a piece of reality. And this is the reality: You suck. You suck more than she does, you suck more than anyone does always will.
So No, I don't need you. And no, I don't want you to be part of my life. I want you to go. just ..go.

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